Computer Running Slow? Here’s the Most Common Causes

Remember when you brought your computer home from the store and it was blazing fast?

But over time, it has gotten slower and slower; and you’re not really sure why. If evolution moves a little faster than your computer, you need to take a few steps to turn your slow computer back into the screaming machine you originally had.

Having a slow running computer is not only inconvenient, but can just about drive you insane as well. A slow computer is not only maddening; but it can be costly if you work from home as well.

The usual culprits of a slow computer are spyware, viruses, or some other Windows house cleaning issues like a bogged down registry, bad drivers, or a full hard drive. And these issues are surprisingly easy to correct.

People believe that the only way to fix a slow running computer is to take it to a repair specialist. Actually, with the right tools and the knowledge of how to use them, troubleshooting a slow computer is a lot easier than you think.

Why Is Your Computer Running Slow?

One of the main causes of a slow running computer is registry errors. The registry in a Windows PC is where Windows keeps all the options and settings for each piece of software and hardware that has been installed on your computer.

Keeping your registry clean will help keep your computer running smoothly. The registry must be routinely scanned and all the fragmented, useless bits of temporary files must be deleted in order to keep it from breaking down. All it takes is a buildup of errors and obsolete files in the registry, and your computer will slow down to a crawl.

Computer Running Slow Because of Spyware

Another reason for a slow running computer is an infestation of spyware or adware.

Malicious spyware, viruses, and other related issues can decrease computer performance and your productivity. They can not only give you a slow computer, but some of them can actually track your every move and send information back to whoever sent you the spyware, including user names and passwords.

Once your computer becomes infected with spyware it is very difficult not only to get it removed; but to keep these malicious programs from coming back. To fix a slow computer and to keep your computer safe, you need to install an anti-spyware program to work with your antivirus program.

Anyone Can Speed Up A Slow Computer

Whether it is for work, school, or play, a slow computer is time consuming, frustrating, and something you simply do not have time for. The truth is that computers do not get slower as they age; instead, a slow computer is a sign that something is literally holding your PC back and affecting its performance.

With the right tools, as well as the ability to use those tools correctly, anyone can speed up a slow running computer. Since you now know the two most common causes of what slows down a computer, you can begin to take the steps necessary to speed it back up to it’s original state.

Who else wants a lightning fast computer without having to shell out $100s at your local computer store every month?

If you computer has slowed to a crawl, then here is a quick and easy solution that will get your computer running as fast (if not even faster) than when you first brought it home…

Fix a Computer Running Slow.

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